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TG Textiles – your best fabric manufacturer in China

Textile is an irreplaceable part of the modern everyday life. In the morning we use towels to dry off the water from the face, closer to lunch we put on clothes to go wherever is on the plan, and in the evening we use cloth and napkins to have dinner with our family. There are so many industries and occupations build around textile, but only a few of us know where it comes from. Thankfully, our company is one of these group.

About TG Textiles

We are a young and quickly developing fabric manufacturer in China, located in Suzhou City. Lately, we have begun cooperating with a big Australian enterprise “Polaris Family”, which allowed to increase our manufacturing capacities for the wholesale of home textile.

What kind of fabric do we produce?

Currently, TG Textiles is one of the best textiles and fabrics distributors in China. We produce different types of materials such as polyester, viscose, nylon and so on.

All the stages of the textile manufacturing process are strictly supervised to comply with the highest standards of quality. We proud ourselves for making the finest fabrics that are easy on the eyes and pleasant to the touch. The produced textile can be used for various purposes. It can be used for Home Textile, design and sewing of the casual garment, for outwear or yoga clothes, etc. Textile present numerous opportunities not only for businesses but also for individuals and their hobbies.

TG Textiles is looking forward for new opportunities and business offers of the future partnerships. We work with big companies and small individuals equally. Our team greatly appreciates every interest taken in our enterprise.

If you are looking for a polyester fabric supplier to work with – you have found just the right place. TG textiles will be glad to work with you!